The Importance of Meditation for Healers

When I teach my Reiki First Degree students, I always explain to them the importance of carrying out their energy meditations, as well as the importance of taking the time to meditate on a regular basis. Some students ask me why this is important, so the following article has been written with them in mind; it is also written for those of you who are thinking about studying Reiki.

When a person begins to work with the Reiki energy for the first time, one of the major difficulties that some students have is the ability to maintain their concentration. The mind, it seems at this stage, is like a bar of slippery soap. As soon as the student has made that connection to the source then something distracts them. This could be an external noise or a pressing thought. Once distracted the student often finds it difficult to bring the mind back to where it should be, focused on the here and now, in the moment.

The only way that the student is going to learn to focus the mind is through regular and sustained practice of meditation. As with most things in life, the more we practice the better we become at it.

Each of us can learn to have greater control over our thoughts and this applies to those who are just starting out on their Reiki journey as well as those, like me, who are Reiki Masters with many years of experience.

When we learn to focus our thoughts our energy, our Reiki, flows easier and we are able to offer a better treatment to others. When we take control of our thoughts we take better control of our lives and our lives flow more smoothly.

By meditating we benefit others, ourselves and ultimately the Universe, so how about taking some time to meditate today?

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