Crystal Healing Course

As I have been a Reiki practitioner and teacher for a number of years I decided to increase my knowledge and skills and learn about crystals. I quickly discovered that crystals can be used to help support healing by emitting additional, and often different, vibrational frequencies to that which is offered during a Reiki treatment. I found these vibrations to be different, even when compared to those vibrations that can be found when I used symbols or chanted the Reiki Kotodama.  I wanted to share some of the information that I had learnt so I set about writing a book: “Crystal Healing & the Human Energy Field, A Beginner’s Guide”. I am proud and humbled to state that this book has become an Amazon number 1 bestseller in New Age Crystals. I then continued my study of crystals and I am now proud to offer this professional crystal healing course to you.

I understand that many people do not have the time to attend a “live” course. Others feel that they would gain more by working at their own pace in the comfort of their own home. In order to offer my course and share my passion and knowledge with as many people as possible I have created a distant study course which is available for anyone who wishes to learn more about crystals.

How does the course work?

When you enrol on the course you will receive 10 lessons, emailed to you 2 at a time. At the end of each lesson will be a set of questions which you must answer and email to me for review and feedback. After the final lesson you will be sent your exam. If you are successful you will receive your certificate enabling you to get insurance to practice as a professional crystal healer.

You will also receive a crystal pack to help you get started.

What will I learn?

You will learn:

  • Choose, purchase and cleanse/maintain your crystals.
  • Carry out a number of crystal healing treatments.
  • Learn about pendulum dowsing using a crystal pendulum to help to detect imbalances within the body.
  • Understand how to use crystal wands and how to target specific areas of the body where there may be pain and/or blockages of energy.
  • Discover how to cleanse the aura and remove blockages of negative energy.
  • You will learn how to develop your intuition and you will learn why it is essential for the crystal healer to do so.
  • You will also learn the importance of good record keeping.

What happens if I have a query during the course?

If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to contact me. My email address is below and I will also send further contact details to you when I issue your course work. You will always have as much help and support that you need both during and after your course.

How much study time is needed to complete the course?

It has been estimated that the course may take you around 20 to 25 hours to complete, this includes your practical work. At the end of the course there is a written examination which will take around 1 hour to complete. Please note that this examination is not difficult, provided that you have worked your way carefully through the lesson plans. The examination also gives you a chance to reflect on what you have learnt. You can take your time studying. Some people complete the course in a matter of weeks others over several months.

What happens after I have completed my examination?

The pass mark for the examination is 80%. Provided you have obtained at least this minimum percentage I will post your course certificate to you. I will send you written feedback after I have marked your examination paper. I am always available for ongoing help and support both during and after the course.

What is the cost of the course and how do I enrol?

The cost of the course is £135.00 which you can pay via PayPal using the button below. Once I have received your payment I will send you all of the course material outlined above.

Instalment plans are available:

Option 1 – four payments of £33.75 each


Option 2 – six payments of £22.50 each

Please contact me letting me know which option you would like. I will send you a link so that you can make your first payment. Once the payment has been received I will issue your course work to you. All course payments are due on a monthly basis until full payment has been made. The payments are due on the same day of the month starting one month following the initial payment. I will issue a reminder 1 week prior to the payment being due along with a link for you to make your payment. If you fail to make a course payment you will be required to pay the full course balance within one month or your course will be discontinued.

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Client Comments

“Many courses state that they quickly respond to emails – you actually do what you say you are going to do. Thanks for such support during my course. I am nearly seventy years old and I thought it may be a bit or an ordeal for me but you made it all so easy. Thank you!”

Gwen,UK, Satisfied Customer