By carrying out a regular practice of specific meditations you will learn how to relax your mind allowing your thoughts to become crystal clear. This allows you to solve problems and make decisions more easily. With time you will become more mindful, allowing you to live in the moment and experiencing each moment to its fullest.


You will become more aware of subtle changes within your physical body and your energy field. You will learn how to work on yourself and on other people, detecting and correcting energy imbalances which will help to increase overall physical health and wellbeing.


Learn how to be guided by your intuition as you learn to listen to your inner voice. Discover your life purpose and live a happier and more fulfilled life.

Hello and a very warm welcome to the British Academy of Reiki. The academy is committed to providing excellent online training courses and ongoing support worldwide.

The British Academy of Reiki was established by Marion McGeough, Reiki Master/Teacher and internationally renowned best-selling author. Marion began teaching Reiki courses in 2012 and quickly established a solid reputation for offering fun, informative and challenging Reiki courses in Leicestershire, Derbyshire and Birmingham.

As interest in the courses grew it quickly became clear that Marion was not going to be able to meet the demand in a way that suited her. Marion firmly believes that Reiki courses should be run either on a one to one basis, or in small groups certainly of no more than four people. In that way each person is guaranteed the attention that they deserve, ensuring that the course is very special to them.

As her reputation grew Marion began to receive enquires about her Reiki courses from potential students who were interested in Reiki in the UK and worldwide. So that she could fully engage internationally, Marion established her Reiki distant learning courses.

Now, individuals throughout the world can learn about Reiki, take all three levels of courses and become skilled and knowledgeable at treating themselves and others. For those students who wish to, they can complete the Reiki Master Course which allows them to teach and learn to connect others to the Reiki Source. Marion is proud to state that she enjoys keeping in contact with her Reiki students even after their courses have been completed.

Please have a read through this website and if you have any questions, comments or queries please contact Marion by email at: marionreiki@yahoo.co.uk

Reiki lineage

All Reiki practitioners can trace their lineage back to Mikao Usui. Below is my lineage: Mikao Usui > Chuijiro Hayashi > Hawayo Takata > Phyllis LeiFurumoto > Florence O’Neal > Jerry Farley > June Woods > Simon Treselyan > Marcus Haywood > Diane Whittle > Taggart King > Tina Shaw > Marion McGeough

Wishing you health and happiness no matter where in the world you are.

Books by Marion McGeough

What We Do

The British Academy of Reiki offers courses in First Degree, Second Degree and Master/Teacher Level Reiki, along with a very popular Crystal Healing course, based at our venue in Ashby De La Zouch, Leicestershire, UK. If you are unable to attend this venue we also offer the opportunity for distant learning Reiki courses. Contact me today and take the next step in your Reiki journey.

I have written a number of books on various subjects you might find of interest including Reiki, crystals, the chakras, mindfulness and developing your intuition. You will find the full range of my books on the Marion McGeough author page on Amazon.

If you need any further information about any of the Reiki courses we offer or Reiki in general then please don’t hesitate to get in touch using the contact details provided.

Client Comments

“Many courses state that they quickly respond to emails – you actually do what you say you are going to do. Thanks for such support during my course. I am nearly seventy years old and I thought it may be a bit or an ordeal for me but you made it all so easy. Thank you!”

Gwen,UK, Satisfied Customer