My New Book Coming Soon!

Hi, I always get the same rush of excitement every time I release a new book, and this time is no different. The latest addition to my popular Beginner’s Guide series is A Beginner’s Guide to Crystal Healing & the Five Elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It will be appearing on Amazon in eBook and paperback formats in the next … Read More


Now that winter is nearly over why not try this hypno-relaxation script that I often use in my therapy practice to help lift your mood? Remember that the only reality is the one which you create for yourself and you can, in your mind, go anywhere you want to. This is very empowering. If you are a Reiki student or … Read More

Hello and Welcome

Welcome to my first blog post on my new Reiki website. A friend recently asked me what my New Year’s resolutions were and I stopped and thought for a moment and said that I didn’t have any. Thinking this rather strange my friend asked me why not and I replied that in the past I had made lists of things … Read More