The Benefits of Learning Reiki – Reiki Changed My Life!

With nearly 10 years of experience of teaching both Reiki courses and carrying out Reiki treatments, I am still amazed at the benefits that people receive. I often receive messages from students who have attended my courses and they tell me that learning Reiki has changed their lives.
Reiki is not a new age Hippy gimmick. Energy healing has been used to heal for as long as humans have existed and became ill.
Reiki is universal energy so it is the energy that we can tap into to help facilitate the healing process.
Reiki is different from some other forms of spiritual healing and this is because the practitioner has undergone a connection process which allows them to tap into limitless energy. Many healers do not learn how to do this and simply use their own energy. The result is that they become burnt out after a few years.
Reiki does not guarantee any specific result. The energy goes to where it needs to go to facilitate the healing process as much as possible for that particular individual.

So, what are the benefits of learning Reiki?
During my time teaching, students have reported the following benefits:
A deep feeling of relaxation
Better sleep
Clearer thoughts
A better understanding of who they are and what they would like to achieve in life
Reduced feelings of anxiety
Depression has lifted – like a black cloud has lifted from them
A deeper connection to nature and the Universe
Becoming less judgemental
An understanding of the importance of creating more time for themselves and others
Not so bothered by the small stuff that would normally irritate them
Improved health both mentally and physically
Reduced pain & fatigue
Speeding up of the healing process post-surgery
Reduced stress levels

If you would like to learn the art of Reiki, continue your studies to the next level or perhaps you would like a refresher course, then please do get in touch. As you can see, Reiki has some amazing benefits; perhaps it is your time to experience some of those benefits too.

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