Geopathic Stress & Crystal Healing

As we are about to begin 2019, people are becoming not only increasingly aware of the energy within their own body but the energy from the earth and their environment.
Energy from the earth vibrates and expands, rising from the earth and connecting with our energy. All around the earth and around each and every one of us there is an electromagnetic field. Just as there can be damage within the auric field if the energy system of an individual is disrupted, so there can also be damage to the electromagnetic field of a place if the energy of a place is disrupted.
Damage to the energy of the earth can occur if there is underground running water, underground cavities, concentrations of minerals or crystals, or where mining has taken place. Above the earth, electric pylons can disrupt the energy field as well.
Often, in towns where mining has taken place, the energy feels low and one does not have to go far to look around and discover that individuals who reside in such places often have low energy and depression. Whilst part of this is undoubtedly due to the economic and financial impact due to the loss of the mine on the local community, the real reason that people feel a certain way is due to the effects of the damage and disruption that the earth has experienced as a result of the mining.
The prolific use of mobile phones and computers also affects the energy of the environment. If you use a hand held mobile phone for a long period of time your hand and arm becomes hot and begins to tingle and burn. Whilst some of the tingling and burning may be due to actually holding the phone in a particular position for a long time, what is interesting are the emotional responses that you feel after you have ended what is often a pleasant call. You are likely to feel tired, irritable, hot or even angry. If you walk around and have your phone in your pocket, or close to your body, the vibrations from your phone will affect the vibrations of your aura and energy system and this will have a detrimental effect on your health, as the negative energy damages your aura.

Sit quietly for a moment.
When you feel relaxed, hold your mobile phone in one hand for several minutes. When you have finished, place your phone to one side and consider how you feel.
What impact did you notice in your energy field?
Whilst some people may have noticed some of the symptoms noted above, others may not have noticed very much at all. This is because some people are more sensitive and intuitive than others. Many psychics and sensitives are able to detect geopathic stress as they can detect a change in the energy. This, I am sure, is detectable in the same way that a psychic is able to sense a change in the energy when a spirit is present.
Below I have listed some of the effects of geopathic stress on the health of individuals who encounter it on a regular basis. Once damage has occurred within the Auric Field it is often difficult to treat if the person continues to live in the same environment and continues to expose themselves to geopathic stress. This is exactly the same as a person who is a heavy smoker who has been treated for lung cancer but continues to smoke. The likelihood that the cancer will return is increased if the destructive habit is continued.
Some of the effects of exposure to geopathic stress
• Immune system problems
• ME
• Poor sleep patterns and generally waking up feeling unrefreshed
• Headaches/migraines
• Irritability
• An increase in emotional and mental health problems, such as anger and depression/anxiety
• Exposure to significant geopathic stress will lead to mental health problems in those individuals who are vulnerable
• MS
• Feeling closed in and irritable within the home
Whilst some people may feel fine at home they may become ill when at work. Many often put this down to stress and, while stress may play a part, this is not the entire reason why a person feels a certain way. There are many people who work in “sick buildings” and, as a consequence, develop sick building syndrome. Some of the signs of sick building syndrome are headaches, frequent throat and respiratory infections, depression, irritability and fatigue.
There are a number of techniques and courses available which teach individuals how to locate areas where geopathic stress can be found. Some of the techniques taught include the use of specific dowsing rods and pendulums; the latter can also be used to ensure that a chakra is balanced after healing has taken place.

Let us all make 2019 the year we become more sensitive to not only the sensations within our own body but to the sensations that we receive from our environment.
I wish you all the best for 2019


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