Will Reiki Heal Me?

Today I thought that I would like to address a question that I am often asked and one which is difficult to answer.

When a therapist states that they offer reiki treatments, or any form of healing, many members of the public are sceptical whilst others are hopeful. Clients who seek my help often have a serious medical condition and often they have been told that there is no cure, no hope for whatever ails them. At this point some people reach out and try and take a little control of their own lives. Often they have had their treatment decided for them and somewhere in the process they have lost control of their own life.

When I carry out a treatment I am able to feel where in the auric field the body has been damaged and this is especially the case with client’s who have had radio or chemotherapy. During the healing process itself emotions are often lifted away and some client’s become tearful or even angry. Clients often ask the question of why they should be sick or question what they have done to deserve this illness.

In answer to the question “will reiki heal me”? I always say that reiki works for the highest good of the person. Physical, emotional and spiritual healing can, and often does, take place for the highest good of the person. Reiki is not a cure for all illnesses and diseases, but reiki can help support an individual on their journey through life.

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