The Ability to Channel Reiki

One of the best aspects of being a Reiki teacher is experiencing a student’s excitement when they first begin to channel the Reiki energy.
It is almost as if a student really wants to be able to work with the energy but, until that actual moment when they begin to do so, they fear that they will be a failure. Often their greatest fear is that everyone else on the course will be able to achieve this but they will not.
I recently taught a second degree level course and one of my students had studied Reiki nearly ten years ago. In all of this time she had not practiced or even thought about Reiki energy due to family commitments that had taken up all of her free time. As part of the course I asked this lovely lady if she would like to give me a Reiki treatment. Although very reluctant, and fearing that she was wasting my time, with a little supervision she was not only able to channel Reiki she did this very well.
The ability to channel Reiki is a gift bestowed upon the student by a teacher. This is a beautiful gift, allowing the student to go as little or as far as he or she wishes with matters related to their personal development, as well as with their Reiki training.
If you feel the calling to work with healing energy or, perhaps, you feel that your skills need to be refreshed, then please review the courses that I offer and move on with your journey TODAY.
One of the most common comments that students make is that they wish they had done the course sooner; please don’t be one of those students, as life is too precious and too short to waste.
Reiki Blessings to you all

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