Aura & Chakra Healing Course

I am very proud to be able to offer you my new course on Aura & Chakra healing. This course is the result of many years of working with the healing energy of Reiki and finding that as my skills and sensitivity developed, so did my thirst for knowledge and a deeper understanding of what subtle energy was and how it worked.
This interest all began as I discovered that when I carried out my Reiki treatments I found that if I positioned my hands slightly to the right or the left, or at a different angle to how I had been taught, the energy seemed to flow better. Not only that but the client began to feel a deeper connection with the energy and as a result a greater degree of healing took place.
I wondered why this was and I discovered that there are a number of minor chakras as well as the major ones which are scattered throughout the entire body. I began to work on these chakra points with great results.
I also found the tremendous healing benefits of cleansing the aura. I have discovered treatment methods, some which involve client participation during the healing process. When a client participates in their own healing the client is in control and this is very important to those clients who are having treatment for an illness or disease and who feel that their lives are out of control. In this way they are not simply having something done to them, but they are actively participating and a bond is then created between the client and the healer.
So, if you are already working with the healing arts, or perhaps you are just about to take your first steps on your own journey to self-discovery, then this course is for you.
Please check it out by turning to the tabs at the top of website and selecting “other courses”.
If you have any questions or comments, please let me know by emailing me as I LOVE to write/talk about all issues related to healing:
Reiki Blessings to you all

2 Comments on “Aura & Chakra Healing Course”

  1. Hello
    Where about a are you teaching your course and how long does it take?is it very similar to reiki thank you love and light stara

    1. Hi,
      My courses are taught at my clinic in Ashby de la Zouch, leicestershire. All of the courses are of 1 day duration, the Reiki Master Course has additional reading.
      Please let me know if you are interested, Live courses are discounted at 20% at the moment and distant ones, 25%.
      Thank You

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