Crystal of the month for March is Aquamarine

For the month of March I have chosen aquamarine as my special crystal. I could have chosen bloodstone as this is also associated with March, but I thought I would leave bloodstone for a later date.
Aquamarine is a beautiful light to deep blue/blue green crystal which was traditionally worn as a good luck talisman by sailors and used by the Romans to purify water.
I often use aquamarine during my healing sessions. I place the crystal onto the throat chakra and the gentle energy from the crystal works with the client’s energy, correcting any imbalances in this area.
Many people who have problems with the throat chakra often feel drawn to wearing aquamarine pendants. It is almost as if the person is subconsciously aware that this beautiful crystal can heal the throat chakra.
As well as being able to balance and heal the throat chakra, aquamarine has a number of properties which include:
• Generating feelings of compassion, warmth and calmness
• Supporting the immune system
• Helping those recovering from addictions and bad habits
• Reducing inflammation as it has a cooling effect on the body
Aquamarine is connected to water energy. Just as the subtle energy in our body should freely flow for optimum health, water energy flows so that we create good luck in all aspects of our lives.
I wish you all a happy and healthy month of March.

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