Moving Forward with Your Reiki Practice

One of my first degree Reiki students asked me this week when they would be ready to move forward to the second degree course as they had been told, by another Reiki Master, that they would have to wait 6 months before doing so.
It is fair to say that this view is commonly held by many Reiki teachers and I myself started out thinking along the same lines. The idea is that one needs to leave a gap of around 6 month or so as this enables the student to gain some experiences of treating others. This time period also allows the Reiki energy to settle down, allowing a person to feel more relaxed and spiritually sensitive to the energies around them.
Through observation and discussion with my students I began to question this prescriptive and set idea.
Now, when a student asks me asked the question: “when will I be ready?”
I reply…………
You will know in your heart and in your mind when you are ready. When you feel this, then that is the time to return to me.
We must never forget that each of us is special, an individual.
Take two students from the same course.
One may practice self-treatment meditations daily and carry out regular treatments.
The other student may do nothing but return 6 months later for the course.
If the first student felt that she was ready to move forward at any point sooner, I would have said yes, okay, that’s fine.
We all accept that reiki energy works differently with different people.
By moving forward, by providing the student will additional knowledge, skills and further empowerments or attunements (or both), I feel that I am standing aside and letting the energy and the individual take their own path at their own pace.
Are you ready to move forward with your Reiki practice now?
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