New Year Resolutions For 2018

As January draws to a close, now is the time that many people can review their New Year’s resolutions and see how successful they were, or still are, with these promises to themselves; be they small or major lifestyle changes.
This year, when someone asked me what my resolutions were, they were very surprised when I told them that I had not made any. This led me to question my decision – was there nothing in my life that I wanted to change, or do better?
The answer that I received from my higher self was that I make the changes that I need to in my life as and when they are needed. For me, life is full of vibration and movement and this happens all of the time. When we are still our bodies are vibrating to a specific frequency, as are the objects and life force all around us. What we perceive as stillness has movement.
As we move, change occurs. When we grumble that we wish things were the same as they have always been we are asking the impossible; life is energy and movement and we should embrace it.
Along with our physical movement and the vibrations of our body we also need what I call “movement of the mind”. If we do not feed the mind with new experiences and challenge our thoughts we become fixed and inflexible in our outlook. When this happens even the slightest challenge in life becomes a major hurdle and we seem to battle through every day, rather than embrace how beautiful life can be if we tap into our higher consciousness and listen to the messages from our angels, guides and ancestors.
In order to make any changes in our lives we must be motivated. What motivates you? For me I am a very curious person, I like to know the how and why of how things work and then allow my mind to expand and dream of what really could be possible in any given situation.
For those of you who have thought about studying a reiki or a crystal healing course, ask yourself what is holding you back and then challenge your own response. In order to help motivate you I am offering a FREE BOOK to all those who sign up for my live and distant crystal and Reiki courses before March 31st 2018.
You will receive your book as part of your coursework for those of you who sign up for the distant course.
For those who sign up for any the live course you will receive your book when you attend your course.
For Crystal Healing Courses you will receive Crystal Healing with Quartz Crystals

For Reiki Courses you will receive Chakra & Aura Clearing

Whatever you decide to do in 2018 I hope that this year is full of joy, peace, love and light.

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