Now that winter is nearly over why not try this hypno-relaxation script that I often use in my therapy practice to help lift your mood? Remember that the only reality is the one which you create for yourself and you can, in your mind, go anywhere you want to. This is very empowering. If you are a Reiki student or practitioner you will find that by following this scrip, you will feel more relaxed, calm and centred and therefore your Reiki will flow more easily.

Before you get started

You may choose to read this script yourself or ask someone else to read it for you. Either way will work, but it is probably better if you ask someone else to read it out to you as you relax. Another option would be to read it yourself whilst recording what you are saying. This way you can play back the recording any time you choose to do so.

Find a warm, comfortable and quiet place to sit or lie down.

If you have been busy allow yourself a few minutes to unwind and relax before getting started.

You may wish to burn incense, a candle or even listen to some relaxing music played quietly in the background so that it does not interfere with the words that are spoken by the reader of this script.

Read the script at a slightly slower pace than usual except towards the end, where indicated.

You will also want to relax for a few minutes at the end.

Read the script through at least once so that you are familiar with the words.

The Script

Begin by taking a deep breath in through your nose. Hold. And now out through your mouth.

Keep breathing in this way for several breaths, just focus on your breathing and the words that are being spoken.

Remember now, that my words are here to help and guide you and as you listen to the sound of my voice you will begin to realise how deeply relaxed you have become.

Now I want you to imagine that you are on a bed or a couch and that someone is going to give you a Reiki treatment.

The room is comfortably warm and you are feeling relaxed and safe as you lie there covered with a blanket.

You feel the practitioner’s hands over your head and you feel the warmth from those hands as the reiki begins to radiate through.

Feel yourself relaxing even more now.

Going deeper and deeper into relaxation.

Now feel the warmth from the practitioner’s hands over the heart, feel any stress, worry or anxiety that you have been holding onto just lift up and up like a cloud and move further and further away from your body.

Relax deeper and deeper down now.

As the practitioner continues to carry out the Reiki treatment you find that you are starting to drift off now.

Further and further away.

You know that it feels good to relax and you know that this is your time; nobody wants or needs anything from you.

You now realise that you are standing at the top of a staircase.

There is a strong sturdy rail and the steps are safe and secure.

There are 10 steps and in a moment you will descend the stairs, and I will count down each step that you take.

You now begin to walk down the stairs.

10: Going down.

9: Relaxing deeper.

8: Feeling safe.

7: Feeling comfortable.

6: Going round and round.

5: Further and further down.

4: Deeper and deeper down.

3:  Relaxing deeper and deeper.

2: Almost there.

1: Now deeply relaxed.

And now pause for a second.

And step down.

You find that you are standing in front of a gate.

You open the gate and you see a beautiful garden.

You begin to walk around the garden.

As you walk you feel the warmth of the sun on your back.

You notice the birds singing in the trees.

You notice the flowers and how colourful everything is.

Even if you have allergies you realise that they are not affected and that your breathing is not affected or any other part of you such as your  sinuses.

Presently you notice a bench by a little pond with ducks swimming around.

You walk over to the bench and you sit down.

In the distance you can hear the gentle waves of the ocean.

You begin to fall even deeper into a lovely sleep.

You begin to think of all of the good things in your life and of all of the things that you are grateful for.

(Now reader, pause for a couple of minutes so that the recipient has time to think of all of the good things in their lives)

Now, when you are ready I want you to stand up and to make you way back through the garden.

You arrive at the gate.

You push the gate open and in a moment, when I tell you to, you will ascend the steps.

(Reader, now begin to read a little bit faster as the end of the script is fast approaching and the recipient will shortly wake up)

There are now 5 steps and with each step I want you to become more alert and awake.

5: Starting to wake up now.

4: Arms and legs becoming more awake.

3: Feeling calm.

2: Feeling alert.

1: Now open your eyes, alert, refreshed and awake.

I hope that you have enjoyed experiencing this hypno-relaxation script. I would very much appreciate your comments, suggestions or experiences. In order to do this, refer to the contact me section of this website.

Wishing you all the best


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