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Welcome to my first blog post on my new Reiki website.

A friend recently asked me what my New Year’s resolutions were and I stopped and thought for a moment and said that I didn’t have any. Thinking this rather strange my friend asked me why not and I replied that in the past I had made lists of things that I wanted to change at the start of any given year. Most of these were the usual things such as to lose weight, eat more healthily and to do more exercise but this year I was not going to do that. My friend asked me why not, tell me more (I think that this was because she had a list containing similar resolutions to those which I have just mentioned). I said that often when we make a list of things that we want to change we do not really explain how or when we are going to allow those changes to take place.

For example, if we intend to get more exercise one of the original reasons we have not done this so far is because we are far too busy to incorporate exercise into our daily lives. If we are busy by working all day long and our evenings are occupied with other work or family matters we must ask ourselves where we can find the time to schedule exercise into the daily routine?

What often happens is that a person will join a gym, or take up a form of exercise for a few days or even weeks, and find that they are too busy and then stop. When they stop they feel bad about themselves and feel guilty and a bit down. By this time they are well into the month of January and have forgotten all about the resolutions that they have made.

So, why make them in the first place?

New Year’s Resolutions are made because a person wishes to make some changes in their lives. By really thinking through how those changes can be made a number of factors have to be considered, such as the following:

Do I really want to make this change or is someone pressuring me to change?

Do I have the resources available: time, money, support?

How long is it going to take to make these changes?

How will others react if I am successful/unsuccessful?

Remember that motivation will only take you so far. Having a sense of purpose will nearly always lead to long lasting change.

You might be wandering by now if I have any plans for 2015 (I keep writing 2014, so I have to be careful what I write because you may think that this was last year’s blog!). Well, yes I do. I plan to write two more books. Writing is my passion and I am so grateful to have the knowledge and ability to write books that people enjoy and find helpful. I also intend to expand my therapy practice as I am also a psychotherapist. More on this later…

I have made written plans as to how both of these objectives can be met with realistic time frames.

I wonder what changes you have thought of making in 2015? If you would like to learn more about Reiki please have a look through my website. If you have any questions please email me using the contact button. I look forward to hearing from anyone out there who reads this website.

Have a healthy and successful 2015

Love & light


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